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 2 GIFTED Academy is a self empowerment program that helps students tap into their natural gifts through songwriting and creative expression. Our mission is to teach students how to discover, develop and uncover their GIFTS and show them how to use it in their everyday lives. 

2Gifted Academy | Self Empowerment Program


We service all ages and our units are designed to align with New York's social emotional learning goals.

2Gifted Academy | Self Empowerment Program

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Booking appointments should be effortless, and at 2 Gifted Academy, we've made it just that. Our online appointment booking system is designed to simplify your life and make scheduling a breeze. 

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2Gifted Academy | Self Empowerment Program



Iquell Reina is an author,speaker, artist, and entrepreneur dedicated to spreading love, peace, and harmony worldwide. Reina is the founder of 2 Gifted L.L.C.; A company with the mission to help everyone in its path to live a purpose-driven life. He has worked in youth development for over a decade and devotes himself to empowering the youth. His 2 G.I.F.T.E.D program has provided academic and enrichment activities for thousands of  students to enhance their quality of life. Reina is also a recording artist who performs under the moniker “Ique”. He has over 300 songs in his career and has served on stages and colleges across The United States. He lives with his wife and four children, whom he loves dearly and gives him daily motivation.

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